Hi, I’m Mlisska Hubert and I am here to teach and empower you to have dynamic, vibrant relationships. There is no getting away from people, they are everywhere! Our interactions linger in us, they create patterns and ultimately they form a legacy.

I love introducing people to concepts like boundaries, operating from Adult Stance and conscious choice.  These were some of the tools that literally changed my life.  And I can promise that they will change yours too. But we don’t learn them in school and sometimes our caregivers are the worst examples of them and we only know that’s what we don’t want. So, how do we learn another way to be?

Coaching was the conduit for me. Having someone hold space for all my flawed messy self, being in the chaos without judgement and patiently shedding light on all my powerful choices was the catalyst I never knew I needed. Obviously, I became a believer!

I live in the beautiful town of Plettenberg Bay, in the world-class Garden Route area of South Africa. It was a part of the life-shift we undertook as a family. Now, thanks to global connectivity, I am able to consult with clients around the world.

If you want to settle into your skin, take up all the space you are meant to in this world,
and explore the whole version of yourself, then I am the coach for you.