How Do You Say

16 Nov 2020

No, Nein, Nee Dankie READ MORE

Rest 2.0

09 Nov 2020

Can we master the Chill READ MORE

Starting Over

02 Nov 2020

Holes? or Whole? READ MORE

Breath Like Air

26 Oct 2020

Shifting the automatic to intentional READ MORE

Tick Tock

19 Oct 2020

Is It Make Believe? READ MORE

I Get To Say

19 Oct 2020


Quickly Now

12 Oct 2020

No time to waste READ MORE

The End, or The Beginning

05 Oct 2020

Falling apart looks the same READ MORE

It Is Already Inside You

28 Sep 2020

Dreaming of New may require remembering Old READ MORE

Please Come In

29 Jan 2020

Soft landings for heavy hearts READ MORE

Social Diet

22 Jan 2020

Are you mindlessly consuming? READ MORE

Flying Free

15 Jan 2020

Laying down the measuring stick READ MORE

This and Not That

08 Jan 2020

Before you add, consider creating space for more READ MORE


Lizette Watts

20 Nov 2019

Introducing you to fabulous, interesting women, just like you READ MORE

You Are Welcome Here

23 Oct 2019

If you want to start gathering women, start here READ MORE

How To Choose

25 Sep 2019

What you choose becomes who you be READ MORE

Stella Douglas

18 Sep 2019

Introducing you to fabulous, interesting women, just like you READ MORE

Savour the Offering

11 Sep 2019

May I celebrate where I am and how far I have come on this journey READ MORE

All The Feels

28 Aug 2019

Maybe a moment of feeling is all it requires READ MORE

Let Yes Be The Seed

21 Aug 2019

We don't know what is ahead, but could we trust our Yes to lead us into wide open spaces? READ MORE

Pippa Leenstra

14 Aug 2019

Introducing you to fabulous, interesting women, just like you. READ MORE

Hard words Soft hearts

07 Aug 2019

When how you are is not who you are READ MORE

Is it you or is it me?

22 May 2019

"I'd rather be honest than impressive" READ MORE

What does it take to get better?

15 May 2019

When healing lingers and pain is a constant companion READ MORE


01 May 2019

All the tiny bits and pieces of you READ MORE

Now It Is Time

10 Apr 2019

Enough waiting. You are Here, now. READ MORE


03 Apr 2019

Is it just me? READ MORE


27 Mar 2019

When who you are is not who you want to be READ MORE


20 Mar 2019

Everything. Everything. That is all it wants. READ MORE


12 Mar 2019

What is it about these words that can feel so hard to say? Particularly when you need to say them to yourself? READ MORE

Find Your Circle

05 Mar 2019

Finding the women in your world READ MORE

Irks and Delights

26 Feb 2019

Life's little gifts READ MORE

Start Close In

13 Feb 2019

Begin as you'd like to continue READ MORE

Putting Yourself Out There

06 Feb 2019

Why is it so hard to be kind -- to ourselves? READ MORE



04 Dec 2018

Exhale before you Inhale READ MORE

Beautifully You

21 Nov 2018

Taking the time to really look READ MORE

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

07 Nov 2018

Listing some local lovelies READ MORE

Colour Your World

30 Oct 2018

Are the colours you see of your choosing? READ MORE


16 Oct 2018

What makes you human? READ MORE

This is Me

09 Oct 2018

When all roads lead back to you READ MORE

If My Words Be Pennies

18 Sep 2018

Never suppress a generous thought. READ MORE

How To Have Community

11 Sep 2018

The bridges that connect us, the paths we travel to each other. READ MORE


04 Sep 2018

Wait, shouldn't I be doing something?! READ MORE

Love Is

28 Aug 2018

What does it look like to welcome Love, to give it space and room to grow? READ MORE


21 Aug 2018

The magical, mystical female you get to laugh with, cry with, do life with READ MORE


15 Aug 2018

More work, more stuff, more doing. But, sign me up for more Being. READ MORE

Do you Gram?

07 Aug 2018

Living your realest life through a screen. READ MORE

Not There Yet

23 Jul 2018

In the race to arrive, where do we find ourselves now? READ MORE

Instant Success

29 Jun 2018

The space between where you are and where you want to be. READ MORE


Keeping secrets

27 Nov 2017

Hello friends! Out of nowhere yesterday a memory popped up. I have not thought about it in a long time, but the memory of it evoked a sensation in me. READ MORE

More Please

20 Nov 2017

Good morning! Another full week is bearing down on us and it is apparent that year-end is upon us! Everyone is having a ‘last’ something or a ‘final’ other thing! READ MORE

This and that

17 Nov 2017

Hello! Has Friday got you like …. ?! READ MORE

Find Me A Pillow (Pillar?)

15 Nov 2017

I have just been for an incredible massage — and you know that those moments inspire me! And today’s inspo is good enough to share 😉 As I was lying on the massage table, I had this word running through my mind: SUPPORT. READ MORE

Gather Your Girls

13 Nov 2017

Hello lovelies! How was your weekending? Jozi delivered one of her spectacular afternoon thunderstorms and a beautiful sunset thereafter on Sunday evening. Hard to complain too hard about Monday looming when that is how your weekend closes 😉 READ MORE

This And That

10 Nov 2017

Friday — and although that usually means two-day break ahead … this is November and, well, that is not so much the case! Nevertheless, many of the plans are full of delight and I’m choosing to focus on that! READ MORE

Success Looks Like

06 Nov 2017

Hello beautiful women! Grab your favorite cuppa and have a read! READ MORE

This and that

03 Nov 2017

Hello lovelies! And how wonderful to welcome Friday into our midst! READ MORE

Monday makes me

30 Oct 2017

Hello friends! It’s a beautiful sunny Monday in Jozi-town! Wherever you find yourself today, I hope you give yourself the gift of a little outdoor meander. READ MORE

This and that

27 Oct 2017

Hello friends! The weather in Jozi is seducing us with summer. And I am needing to set aside some time to re-shuffle my patio in order to enjoy G+T’s as the sun sets! So, put on some lazy summer tunes and get lost with this week’s links. READ MORE

These are the moments

25 Oct 2017

Hello friends! And apologies for being missing in action on Monday! How are we staring November in the eye?! Ha! I am furiously compiling Christmas lists and plans and trying hard to Adult my way through holiday mayhem! READ MORE

Keep up girl

18 Oct 2017

Hello friends! Recently I caught myself in two different situations, but both bringing about the same response in myself. READ MORE

You tell me

16 Oct 2017

Good morning lovelies! Yes, Monday, in all it’s stark reality and comforting regularity is here. So, in all the push pull and demand, grab a quick cuppa and have a read once you find a teeny gap in all the noise! READ MORE

This and that

13 Oct 2017

Hello lovelies! It has felt like a big week! Big commitments, big plans, big schedules. Weekend, it is so nice to see you! READ MORE

Willing to be counted

11 Oct 2017

Good morning! The sun has finally made its appearance again today! Most Joburger’s are questioning the true arrival of spring, yet are simultaneously deeply relieved for the rain! READ MORE

Fear does not lie

09 Oct 2017

Good morning Monday! Our Jozi weather has been providing some much needed rain, and as thankful as we are, it does feel a little like summer is even further off! So, bundling up, tea poured, we are diving head-first into the week! READ MORE

This and that

06 Oct 2017

Hello friends! Friday feels and so grateful for the downpour. Apparently that is the forecast all weekend long, so I have grand plans of pyjamas and books and snuggle time! READ MORE

Just another Wednesday

04 Oct 2017

Hello friends! It seems my last blog post where I fleetingly mentioned Christmas has caused it to come up in many more conversations this week! Ha! READ MORE

Help! I need somebody!

02 Oct 2017

Good morning lovelies and welcome to Monday! I have friends contacting me with year-end markets and events and part of me just cannot believe we are having these conversations! This weekend I also had my first Christmas conversation!! READ MORE

This and that

29 Sep 2017

Hello! Yay for Friday! As we wind this week down and anticipate a lovely weekend ahead, here are a few links to send you scampering across the interwebs! READ MORE

Resting is not napping

27 Sep 2017

Hello ladies! Home again and finally feel slightly human after jet lag had it’s wicked way with me! Would appreciate if you read today’s post in a nice quiet spot READ MORE

Take your time

04 Sep 2017

Good morning and warm welcomes to Spring and September and the last stretch of 2017! Typically, this part of the year becomes a land slide into crazy busy and our calendars fill up with one event after another and it seems we blink and we are talking Christmas! READ MORE


30 Aug 2017

Hello! This week has hit hard with sick kids and our next big event taking place on Thursday. We are sold out, so sadly no more tickets to be had, but keep your eyes on our Social Media feeds for all that lies ahead! READ MORE

This and that

25 Aug 2017

Hello and welcome to your Friday link list! It is the weekend and slowly, slowly we are seeing the beautiful signs of Spring getting ready to burst from it’s hibernation! Yay! READ MORE

Enter stage left

23 Aug 2017

Good morning beautiful women! I blinked and it’s Wednesday But now that it’s here, let’s go kick it! Coming up with stuff to write here can feel a little blocked. Like: sit down and then think “What am I going to say?” But that is not a growth mindset, amiright?! ha! READ MORE

What if I

21 Aug 2017

Hello and happy Monday, friends! As August continues it’s screaming rush to close, let’s make a cuppa and take a moment and have a think! READ MORE

Listen loud

16 Aug 2017

Hello friends! I would love an app that I could speak my half-awake thoughts into in the early hours of the morning. Blog posts would be a breeze. READ MORE

Should you

14 Aug 2017

Hello friends! Monday is here and after a weekend of furious baking, I am hoping for a quieter start to the week. READ MORE

Say thank you

07 Aug 2017

Good morning friends! I hope your weekend was full of all sorts of refueling and you are ready for the week ahead! One of the things I got up to was sorting through the schoolroom in anticipation of some changes we are making. READ MORE

This and that

04 Aug 2017

Good morning friends! And welcome Friday, I am particularly excited to see you! As you wind down from our first August week, here are a few links to get you wandering on your weekend … READ MORE

Story says

02 Aug 2017

Hello friends! I had a suspicion that the next She Speaks would be popular. How many girls do you know battling to do it all? Everyone seems tired, but the To Do list never grows any shorter. READ MORE

Getting wordy

31 Jul 2017

Hello friends! The sun is streaming through my window as I sit in bed writing this. Sunday mornings are for slow starts and I am appreciating the view I seldom see this time of day. READ MORE

This and that

28 Jul 2017

Hello friends, and happy Friday! Well, that is July! pretty much done and dusted … which means another month closer to summer! As you ease into the weekend, here are a few articles we found curious and interesting in the webspace. READ MORE

When I see

26 Jul 2017

Hello friends and …. ok, can we just pause for one second here?! July is about over and soon everyone is going to be talking about Christmas and right now …. yes, deep breath … right now I would love to take a moment and sit on the couch and Pause. Really Pause. Take a moment. READ MORE

Lower the bar

24 Jul 2017

Hello! I am writing this on a slow Sunday morning, hoping someone is going to walk in with a hot cup of coffee! While I keep hoping, I have been mulling over this idea of being Better, being More … I would love your thoughts. READ MORE

This and that

21 Jul 2017

Hello hello! I blinked and the week disappeared down some sinkhole! So, as we have two days ahead of us to s-l-o-w and BE a little more present, here are a few lovely links to get you laughing, cooking, thinking, dreaming! READ MORE

Easier is not better

19 Jul 2017

Good morning! Hitting the mid-week and feeling the chill in Jozi. What are you doing to stay warm?! I have been thinking a whole lot about change. READ MORE

Turn it up

17 Jul 2017

Good morning Monday! I am a firm believer in the Ministry and Medicine of Music. Taylor Swift brought out Shake It Off at a time when I needed exactly that dance party in my wake-up-get-ready routine. READ MORE

This and that

14 Jul 2017

Hola Friday! Hello and how are you doing? I’m taking the kids off to the Turbine Art Fair and looking forward to some serious Off Mode, how about you? READ MORE

Pick me

12 Jul 2017

Hello friends! It is almost the middle of July!!! And so far, I have to say, I am having a rather wonderful birthday month! Yes, my birthday is at the end of July and already I have had the most epic She Speaks evening, attended Johnny Clegg’s Final Journey concert and hit up my high school reunion! What delights await?!! READ MORE

Fear lives here

10 Jul 2017

Good morning friends! I seem to have caught some sort of snot-nosed, foggy-headed bug and the weekend has been full of tissues and Vitamin C! Forgive the overshare … but this blog post’s quality may be compromised because of this! READ MORE

This and that

07 Jul 2017

Good morning friends, and welcome Friday! I am still on a total high after last night’s gathering! A room full of women discovering how connected we are — through one woman’s courageous story-telling. Beautiful! READ MORE

Too late to say sorry

05 Jul 2017

Hello friends! As we gear up for our She Speaks Identity event on Thursday evening, here are some thoughts we have been talking through just lately. READ MORE

This and that

30 Jun 2017

Greetings friends and cheers to the weekend! Whatever your plans are, I hope they include great friends and warmth! READ MORE


28 Jun 2017

Hello ladies! A quickie today as my week feels a little like sitting in the bath and unplugging the drain. Scroll your FB feed, log on to any news outlet and you will be bombarded by articles discussing women, feminism and the like. READ MORE

Summer days in winter

26 Jun 2017

Hello friends! I am sure I say this every month, but the days are flying past me! Pretty soon we will be filling our July diary days and that is it — we screamed past the halfway mark of 2017! READ MORE

This and that

23 Jun 2017

Hello friends! I am deeply thankful to have hit Friday! Outwardly, I appear to be in one piece, however inwardly … mmm! So, here is to a restorative weekend! As always, some weekend reading: READ MORE


21 Jun 2017

Good morning! Are you, like me, wondering if you blinked and somehow missed Tuesday?! Maybe the short week last week got me into holiday mode and it is not easing back into work mode READ MORE

Quick quick

19 Jun 2017

Hello friends! How was your long weekend? An extra day should be mandatory, amiright? Well, Monday has hit, so let’s show it some love! READ MORE

This and that

16 Jun 2017

Ahhhh … Friday, and a Public Holiday Friday?!! It appears good things DO come to those who wait As you relax and kick back for some rest and resuscitation (!) here are a few bunny trails to get lost on this weekend! READ MORE

Yes in the midst of chaos

14 Jun 2017

Hello and welcome back! A little cuppa tea? Perhaps a smallish snack or two? Let’s just be together. Today, I have a little bit of an odd feeling lingering in me. READ MORE

If you build it

12 Jun 2017

Hello again friends! How was your weekend? I hope there was enough socialising and enough lazing that you’ve begun today feeling loved and rested! If you have been reading for any length of time, you may know that She Gathers is an expression of my personal journey. READ MORE

This and that

09 Jun 2017

Good morning friends! Friday today and your lovely links are below. Many people are facing a very unknown scary future with the storms and fires ravaging parts of our country. Please hold them in your thoughts and there are some ways you can practically help, some links below. Let our love grow hands and feet. READ MORE

I got you babe

07 Jun 2017

Hello again, friends! We are approaching mid-June, and for us in SA, that means a long weekend. Many people have travel plans, whatever you are up to, with the storm warnings hitting, please stay safe and warm! READ MORE


05 Jun 2017

Hello friends! We are well and truly in the middle of the year and, for us South Africans, the middle of winter. We have the most incredible sunny blue skies in Jozi winters, so it seems disingenuous to complain! READ MORE

This and that

02 Jun 2017

Ah … weekend, we have earned you! Our Friday link post is here for your reading pleasure! READ MORE

Nothing to fear

31 May 2017

Often, I sit with this tab open on my computer. It stares at me, waiting not-always-patiently, for me to fill all this blank space. READ MORE

Dreamers Do

29 May 2017

Good morning friends! Last week I met with a dear friend and we had one of those unicorn conversations. What does that mean? READ MORE

This and that

26 May 2017

Hello friends! Gosh, I might be saying this weekly, but this week flew past!! Every day is so full that I keep trying to hold myself only in today, then I look up and an entire week is over! READ MORE

Allow it

24 May 2017

Last night, a dear friend sent this to me: READ MORE

Living in Creation

22 May 2017

One of the things us Life Coaches do with our clients, more than any other thing, is open your mind up to Possibility. “What could be? What if?” READ MORE

This and that

19 May 2017

Hello and welcome to Friday! The weeks are screaming past and the weekends seem just as full of activity and rush! READ MORE

I Don't Wanna

15 May 2017

Good morning ladies! I sincerely hope your weekend was full of rest and set you up for the smoothest Monday start! It felt as though I cooked myself into the next decade … READ MORE

This and that

12 May 2017

Hello Fri-YAY! I am so ready for slow mornings and lingering over coffee … and then wine … If you are in Jozi, I hope your plans include a roaring fire! To all our mum’s: may you give the grace you hand out daily, as a precious gift to yourself. READ MORE

On Starting

10 May 2017

Good morning friends! Johannesburg is bracing itself for Winter’s teeth to show themselves this weekend. So, I am digging out all my fleecy, thermal, snug-as-a-bug gear! READ MORE

Order Up

08 May 2017

Morning friends! Another week hits and every moment of every day comes at us, no asking permission, no checking to see if you are ready … so, let’s get ourselves ready! READ MORE

This and that

05 May 2017

Good morning friends! I am still on a high after our gathering last night! (‘scuse the poor video — let it be known that tech and social media are my learning grounds! READ MORE

When they choose differently

03 May 2017

Good morning friends! Although Joburg still boasts relatively sunny skies, we have definitely moved on to sweater weather! So, while you are bundled up, grab a cuppa and let’s chat! READ MORE

I don't get it

01 May 2017

Hello friends! Hope your Monday is proving itself kind to you! We are nearing the end of a slew of Public Holidays and Winter has made its presence known. The season has changed, and I am trying to embrace the flow. READ MORE

This and that

28 Apr 2017

Hello lovelies! All these public holidays are confusing the heck out of things! But, regardless, it is Friday! My weekend plans include a long, lazy roast (mmmm!) and shifting gears as the season changes. READ MORE

Hug it out

26 Apr 2017

Good morning! Another short week is helping April fly by. What are your plans for the long weekend ahead? READ MORE

When change comes calling

24 Apr 2017

Good morning lovelies! In South Africa we are in the middle of a series of Public Holidays that have some people cursing (business owners!) and some people rejoicing (employees!). READ MORE

Who are you going to call?

10 Apr 2017

Good morning lovelies! It’s a short week and many plans are afoot for getaways and slow meals and Easter egg hiding. Whatever you celebrate this time of year, its a lovely opportunity to gather special people around a table and look them in the eye and give thanks for them. READ MORE

This and that

07 Apr 2017

Hello friends! Today is South Africa, many of us are taking to the streets and marching. We are dreaming of a very different reality and — more than anything — we want our voices to be heard. READ MORE

Love, unpaused

05 Apr 2017

I like reading beautiful words and feeling that I am secret friends with these authors. I like that people are endlessly fascinating and interesting to me, but not always nice or likeable. I love that my body still does amazing things, especially after birthing four babies. READ MORE

This and that

31 Mar 2017

Good morning, friends.South Africa has woken to a reshuffled world. While everything seems topsy turvy, this book has been popping up all over my feed and this made me finally click ‘Order’. READ MORE

Who loves you?

29 Mar 2017

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you need to go backwards, in order to move forwards? Deciding on Self-love as the next topic is raising all sorts of beautiful conversations amongst women I meet. READ MORE

Gathering in exhaustion

27 Mar 2017

Good morning! On Friday evening I had a bunch of ladies over. I was more than ready to cancel it and run myself a bubble bath instead. READ MORE

This and that

24 Mar 2017

As March screams itself into a close, I am going to be gathering with some girlfriends over wine this evening, pressing Pause repeatedly over the weekend and simply all-round trying to Slow! READ MORE


22 Mar 2017

Read a newspaper, chat to people that call themselves ‘realists’, hear any story about our government (worldwide) and it’s enough to make you despair a little … Or maybe I don’t need to travel quite so far …. READ MORE

Navigating Now

20 Mar 2017

Good morning! Here at She Gathers there have been a few conversations about the future. “What’s next? When? Where? What will the topic be? Who should speak?” I am a planner and looking ahead and mapping a future out is something that gives me great pleasure! READ MORE

She spoke wealth

17 Mar 2017

And just like that, our very first gathering is now a part of history. Done and dusted. I am feeling thankful. It was good. Better than good. And, believe it or not, we are already planning the next one! READ MORE

Begin again

13 Mar 2017

Good morning! It is Monday. Monday is so full of fresh starts! Usually this is when we say we will start exercising, or dieting. Monday has quite a bad rap, but it holds such promise. READ MORE

This and that

10 Mar 2017

Hello! And welcome to another Friday edition of weekend reading. Last night was our very first gathering under the She Speaks headline and what an evening it was! I plan to do a blog post on it next week, but just to say: I love what I do! READ MORE

Your story goes here

08 Mar 2017

A couple of weeks ago some girlfriends and I were chatting about stereotypes, how easy it is to judge when you are confronted with stereotypes and what the magic might be that shifts that. READ MORE

It's all about the money

06 Mar 2017

Hello ladies! In just a few days we are gathering around a table and talking honestly and openly about Money. We all require it in order to live and yet we speak so little about it. READ MORE

Introducing Sunél Veldtman

01 Mar 2017

It’s your last chance to get your ticket join us as we gather on Thursday evening to hear Sunél share her story, we thought it would be helpful to give you a small introduction to this incredible woman. READ MORE

Introducing Sunél Veldtman

01 Mar 2017

It’s your last chance to get your ticket join us as we gather on Thursday evening to hear Sunél share her story, we thought it would be helpful to give you a small introduction to this incredible woman. READ MORE

In order to speak

27 Feb 2017

Next Thursday, we are gathering to listen to a lady speak. Now, I have heard many talks, preaches and speeches — as I’m sure you have as well. So, why yet another? READ MORE

This and that

24 Feb 2017

Happy Friday lovelies! So, some days make up is just hard. Lisa to the rescue! Right here in big city Jozi there is an abundant farmland. Need a new spot for a bite this weekend, or pick up and eat as you go? READ MORE

When you are in the fear

22 Feb 2017

Have you started something new lately? Something totally out of your ‘normal’ and it feels risky and scary? Yesterday I had a chat with a lady paralyzed in Fear. She was trying something new and just a few steps in, she was ready to turn around and run. READ MORE


20 Feb 2017

When I became a mum for the first time, there was no preparation. No one gave me enough of a heads up that my life was irrevocably changed and this was my new normal. READ MORE

This and that

17 Feb 2017

Hello lovelies! It is the start to another weekend and mine is a doozy! I have girlfriends gathering for brunch and a very dear friend putting her feet on South African soil for the first time ever! What are your plans? READ MORE

Yes, and?

15 Feb 2017

Good morning! A few days ago I was privileged to attend a conference on learning and education. Big topics! There were so many interesting speakers and one, in particular, performed an exercise I would like to share with you. READ MORE

Happy galentines!

13 Feb 2017

You haven’t heard? Today is the day you get to all-out celebrate the ladies in your life! The one’s you know have your back regardless of what Life has thrown you. READ MORE

This and that

10 Feb 2017

Friday has screamed into my inbox! Honestly, it’s as if once Wednesday has arrived, the rest of the week slides into Home! A few bits to read and ponder as we (fingers crossed!) have a slow weekend ahead. READ MORE

You first

08 Feb 2017

So here we are, talking on the blog, hosting our upcoming event, planning on even more in the near future. There is all this language about vulnerability and honest conversation. And here is the thing I have learnt: READ MORE

People who make granola

06 Feb 2017

Earlier this morning I dished out my morning portion of granola, added some Greek yoghurt and wished for a few fresh blueberries to sprinkle over the top. I noticed how levels of granola had dropped alarmingly and my first thought was: I need to make more. READ MORE

This and that

03 Feb 2017

We made it to Friday! If you have been following along on any of our social media, you will know that our very first event is happening Thursday March 9th! We are honored to have Sunél Veldtman joining us. READ MORE

Vulnerability makes me

01 Feb 2017

The ‘V’ word. Yeah, that nasty one everyone is throwing around so much lately. Brings up all the feelings, and most of them, are not our best. We are too exposed and seen. READ MORE

You don't need a road

30 Jan 2017

Morning! I hope your weekend was filled with soft, slow moments, Monday comes quickly! A few weeks back, some friends and I were lingering over a breakfast. READ MORE

This and that

27 Jan 2017

Ah February! You are finally within sight! Welcome! January, you have done your work. Go rest now. READ MORE

Bridge over troubled water

25 Jan 2017

Often, in my conversation, I throw a statement out. I repeat it. It gets said a lot. “I want to build bridges, not walls.” It’s not trite. I’m not trying to be cute or find some great copywriting job. That is really how I want to live. READ MORE

Words become

23 Jan 2017

Hello! And a belated Happy 2017! January always feels like a big mountain for me. We usually get home late in the month from a fabulous beach getaway, and launch straight into three of my kids birthdays! READ MORE


Happy holidays

21 Dec 2016

Hello friend It’s time for a little memory-creating and memory-making. December is full of reasons for dusting off your wand and conjuring some magic. Usually full of feasting and family and getaway holidays, this may not be your reality. READ MORE

This and that

16 Dec 2016

Friday, I’m in love! Are you underestimating the power of a holiday? READ MORE

Hearts laid bare

16 Dec 2016

Some of my most profound, intimate moments have happened around a table. I experienced another just last week. READ MORE

Still dancing after all these years

14 Dec 2016

Depending on your age, you may know this Bruce Springsteen song really well. I love it. But it was only recently I wondered about some of the words he was singing. So I googled it, and this particular line caught my eye: READ MORE

If time is money

12 Dec 2016

(When last did you receive a letter? I wrote one, just for you!) READ MORE

This and that

09 Dec 2016

Hello! As yet another week screams to a close, I am reminding myself that weekends are for rest and recovery! So, Christmas shopping and To Do lists will be taking a back seat. READ MORE

You are her

07 Dec 2016

This poem was put in my path lately. And its been like a tiny stone in my shoe. READ MORE

Creating tables where there is none

05 Dec 2016

So, on Friday, I shared this article, and specifically this quote: “People like Grandmama who have been excluded from others’ tables often do the work of creating their own.” READ MORE

This and that

02 Dec 2016

Hello Friends! Friday heralds the start of the weekend – and for me, that usually means a chance to catch up on some reading! Here are a few things that caught my eye this week: READ MORE

Quick. Quick. Slow.

28 Nov 2016

Thinking of doing less, especially this time of the year, is laughable! As the festive season approaches, calendars, shopping lists, day planners all seem to overflow, rather than empty out. READ MORE