She Speaks Truth Telling

When 20 October 2018
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
WHERE Foundation Family Weath
10 Eastwood Road
Host Mlisska Hubert Speaker Christy Chilimigras

We are doing things a little differently this time around!

I met Christy and loved her energy, her honesty and her commitment to showing up. This She Speaks will be a champagne brunch on a Saturday morning. Christy is hot off the heels of her book being published and when I asked her why she feels to share about Truth Telling, she said:

"This is both related to the act of writing a memoir, but also just to do with the fact that I've found truth-telling to be infectious in my own life. Spilling everything out, my shame that masqueraded as secrets, has lightened the load of my life immeasurably. I wish I'd known this a long time ago; that speaking your truth won't turn you to flames, and that the people who love you most won't budge when you tell them the truth, even if it happens much later than it should have."

  • Tickets are R440/person and this covers entrance to the event, mimosas and snacks on arrival, and a brunch.
  • Your seat is only booked upon receipt of payment.


I was born in Johannesburg in 1993 and this city has been my entire universe ever since. After matriculating from Hyde Park High in 2011, I went on to serve many, many a cocktail as a waitress in one of the city's busiest bars while studying Landscape Design and Horticulture.

At 22, I was fortunate enough to be accepted for an editorial internship at Cosmopolitan magazine, where I swiftly fell even more in love with writing than I thought possible. It was during my time at COSMO that I started writing about sex (my brain was in drowning in it – actually) as I managed all the content for their sex-only microsite, COSMO After Dark.

I left my full-time position at the magazine a year later but continued to freelance for COSMO as a sex & relationships writer while building up my client list and doing copywriting work.

My first book, Things Even González Can’t Fix, was recently released by MFBooks and has been a constant reminder that once you start speaking up and speaking your truth, it's almost impossible to stop. The momentum of truth-telling is absolutely terrifying and electric.

Things Even González Can’t Fix is a story that my cells insisted I tell. It's a little bit uncomfy, a teensy bit sexy, hopefully a bit illuminating on sexual abuse that often flies well below the radar within families, and a curious look at what growing up in homes drenched in excess will do to a child.