Circle #7

When 26 September 2019
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
WHERE She Gathers
Host Mlisska Hubert

It is our second-last gathering for 2019! And currently, we feel the need to gather more than ever. Is there any better medicine than sitting in a Circle of women? 


Not like 'I am an artist' Create.
No ... more like: I am going to build the house I want to live in, word by word. I am going to shape the world the way I want to see it, word by word. I am going to be a maker, a creator, a mixer, a shape-shifter. We are going to do this, surrounded by each other, uplifted by each other's courage and enthusiasm and hope.

Together, we Create.

There will be cake, there will be laughter, there will be sharing and learning and wine and wonderful ah-ha moments! Tickets are R250 p/p (Sadly no refunds). We serve light snacks and a glass of red. We walk through some creative exercises, we take notes, we share some awakenings. We leave having met a whole new Circle of fabulous women and feel lighter, freer and SEEN.