More Please

Good morning! Another full week is bearing down on us and it is apparent that year-end is upon us! Everyone is having a ‘last’ something or a ‘final’ other thing!

Usually, every year the kids and I make a gift for a large portion of my husband’s staff and all the extra-mural teachers. We have done flavoured salts, home made granola, cookies … But every year I learn more about letting go of a Pinterest-worthy festive season.

I grew up in a home where Christmas and everything that goes with it was not a big deal. It was often referred to as “just another day”. So, by the time it came to me ‘creating’ a season for my family, all the traditions were up to me. Tradition is marvellous when it is handed down to you. Half the joy of tradition is not having to think about what you eat/do/decorate because it is all decided for you.

Figuring out what you want to eat/do/decorate as a tradition forevermore is harder than it might sound! Usually a lot of this figuring out happens when you need to actually come up with the goods!

I am a few years in, and this year my take away is this:

Less really is more.
We are very privileged people. We are the ‘have’s’. No one I know is making a Christmas wish list that requests ‘shelter’ or ‘food’. And as fun as it can be to wake up to a ‘haul’ under the tree, Stuff seems to be one of the foremost things clogging up our lives. Managing and taking care of all our Stuff is demanding ever larger amounts of our attention and energy.

It has been on my mind for a while — this desire to have less stuff, while still creating a festive season that feels festive! I find it so interesting to ask my kids what they remember of Christmas-times past. Their answers are always surprising! Almost never do they mention gifts, almost always it has something to do with an activity we enjoyed together.

As we enter the week of Black Friday, and voices that only get louder in their demands to buy more Stuff … give yourself a moment to remember what you really need this season: More Stuff? Or more meaning?