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A couple of weeks ago some girlfriends and I were chatting about stereotypes, how easy it is to judge when you are confronted with stereotypes and what the magic might be that shifts that.

The only magic I have encountered that causes people to look again is hearing that person’s story. Homeschooling in particular is an area I experience a huge amount of judgement. It simply is. A large part of the reason for that is how much mystery surrounds this subject. Mostly, I have found that mystery just makes people afraid.

One of the reasons I love Story is it is the most gentle, powerful reminder that no person’s story should look like anyone else’s. That is the beauty of it! We are meant to be diverse and different and unique … that is our draw!

Think of the women you know. Think of the one’s you know that have similarities to you. Maybe they also work in corporate. Maybe they are also wives. Maybe they are also in their Forties.

How differently do they live out their sameness to you?

Isn’t it wild?! But we have this fear hounding our backs that if we cannot find our sameness, we won’t find our acceptable belonging.

It is our very difference that echoes our belonging.

This year, She Gathers is hosting gatherings where we get to hear stories. Women, just like you and I, sitting down and telling something of what is behind the 2D image you see. Women getting brave with their vulnerability and courage. Women stripping off masks and stepping in to their beauty.

Thursday evening is the debut of She Speaks. This one is titled She Speaks Wealth. Sunél is grabbing that slippery subject of money and dismantling a whole lot of fear and prejudice and simply sharing her narrative, the one that has brought her here, to this Now place.

I am expecting every woman that attends to be ready with her Brave Yes. I realise this is a big ask. It may be unrealistic of me. A very dear friend is turning fifty this year — great cause for celebration! And she told me that one of her dearest friends won’t attend the celebration because she won’t know anyone else at the gathering.

This about broke my heart.

When I think back over moments that I chose to stay small, because it meant safe, these tend to be the moments I regret. Now, I ask myself: If I were braver, what would I choose? And then I try to do that. Because I am learning that bravery is not something you have or you don’t have when you are born. It is something we all have. And we unlearn it.

Here is to re-learning bravery, together!