If you build it

Hello again friends! How was your weekend? I hope there was enough socialising and enough lazing that you’ve begun today feeling loved and rested!

If you have been reading for any length of time, you may know that She Gathers is an expression of my personal journey. I had to Show Up Before Being Ready (this seems to be a theme in life lately!) and I had to say Yes. The Yes was a resounding Yes to my voice being added to the rising tide of voices of women worldwide. Of course, any journey of this nature is going to stretch and challenge you in ways you never dreamt, but that is part of the process, part of the Yes you signed on for.

Maybe you have spoken your Yes. Perhaps you feel like you finally scraped every bit of your courage together and found enough Brave in you to finally surrender and speak your Yes.

What now?

There is a huge amount of Daily involved. Lots of just Show Up and Keep Showing Up. Lots of Do It, and then, Do It Again and Again and Again. It seems really minor and average and you kinda wonder why this felt like such a cliff dive when everything seems pretty same ol’ same ol’.

That feeling right there can seem like enough of an excuse reason to quit. I mean, you tried, right? No one can say you didn’t give it a go.

Allow me to come and breathe a little fire on that feeling, sister.

First off, perhaps without even realising, you moved into judgement and you started criticising your work and yourself (cause don’t we all know how blurry the line between those two can be?!) and when we are in judgement we can only sit back with one of two perspectives: Right or Wrong.

No wriggle room. No creative space for play. Basically a constrictive, stifling atmosphere where nothing can grow.

And then, and I really hope you are bending in and listening real close to this: you isolated yourself.

You forgot that your voice is simply adding to the swell of voices. Whatever you are building or creating or saying or making, it won’t be the first. It won’t be the last. But no one, no one, can build it or create it or say it or make it like YOU.

You lose when you withdraw, you were created with expression in mind. When you shut that down, it hurts you. But worse, we all lose. Your voice speaks another layer of permission and Yes and Now to the voices that are still silent.

So, picture this great big world as small as you can. See how integral your voice is. Allow trust to take root deep in your heart, that you and what you are building is so much bigger than just one woman. Allow trust to have its room in you and be generous with that space. Because, if you build it, they will come.