Listen loud

Hello friends! I would love an app that I could speak my half-awake thoughts into in the early hours of the morning. Blog posts would be a breeze. 

Yesterday I watched a documentary featuring Jim Carrey. The actor has just sort of disappeared from the big screen and this takes a little look-see at what he has been up to. Turns out he has been playing with art. It was great to watch. But one of the things he said keeps replaying in my mind:

“Something inside you is always telling a story”

Perhaps one of the reasons I liked that is because at our She Speaks evenings we are all about telling stories. Perhaps it is because since becoming a Life Coach one of the skills we are trained to hone is Listening. Perhaps its because I have always believed there is a voice speaking and it is our job to tune in to the frequency of that sound.

Whatever it is, your days accumulate, often faster than you would like. This year has already claimed so many friends’ loved ones. Is it ever a ‘good’ time, are we ever truly ready for the final curtain call?

We don’t know the number of our days. But regardless the amount, a story is being woven into the fabric of our life. What are you saying? What is the message your life offers this world?

The fact you are here, reading this, alive to this very moment is simply another chance, another opportunity to ‘dig for this sunrise of wonder.’