Should you

Hello friends! Monday is here and after a weekend of furious baking, I am hoping for a quieter start to the week 

It interests me just how many “should’s” us women live with. There is a voice inside us that is constantly reporting to us how not-enough everything is that we are doing.

A very dear friend (has since passed) engaged us in an exercise. We had to take a few minutes and write a letter to our eighty-year old selves. We had to assume we had the privilege of living that long and picture ourselves sitting in a rocker on our porch thinking back over our lives.

What would we say? What would you like to read at eighty?

Perhaps it is the ‘dailyness’ of life that leads us to assume it is ours in abundance. Perhaps we get so caught up in all our doing that we forget that all these moments add up to our life.

So, should you? Should you be so available? Should you say Yes so frequently? Should you continue to live without any boundaries? Should you be all you are to everyone else in your world? Should you be all you are to yourself?

Should you?