Love Is

Recently my hubby underwent spinal surgery. It was a rather big op and had us facing the fragility of life as we know it. I love how Life sends us these moments to keep us awake to the truth of our lives: tomorrow holds no promises.


He is doing well, thankfully, so no need to worry! But I wanted to talk about the gift we offer to ourselves and each other, when we let people do life with us.


On the whole, my hubs and I are really capable people. We get stuck in and get the job done. And as admirable as this trait can be (particularly in work scenarios) it can also leave people around us feeling a little … unnecessary.


Now, let me be clear, this is totally not our intention! But we can be so focused on the end goal that we miss so much good middle stuff! And this hospital experience showed me, that although the middle holds its share of muck, there are some gems tucked in there too.



The friends you have not seen in ages, but pop in with Wilson’s toffees and Car magazines. The business relationships you have benefited from asking for your address in order to send some love and thoughts by way of flowers. The neighbours that buy pizza for dinner. The phone calls, the messages, the check-in’s.


Gosh, is this not a very good dictionary description for Love?!