When you have a dream, something you are hoping for, like it or not, you are in a place of waiting. And waiting feels hard because you don’t feel very active, like there is not a lot of ‘doing’ happening.

But what I am noticing is just how much hard work takes place in Waiting. Keeping hope alive, faith activated and patience front and centre is huge work! But it is inside work. It is not always visible and requires an enormous handle on the desire to occupy your thoughts with busy work.


I think another reason it is so tough is that Life goes on. You are alive today and this requires a presence and an energy. The dream you are hoping for is a someday maybe, but Today holds its’ own demand.


So, you get to keep on. You get to get up every day and face all it holds head on. You get to dial in to all that is happening and you get to show up for your life. You get to wrestle that unwielding octopus Fear down to the ground every day, sometimes moment by moment.


All this is hard work.


And hard work requires a few things to keep it sustainable. Like rest.



And rest is something our Western world seems intent on living without. We seem to be intent on living as if we are indestructible, tireless and relentless.


That could be true, if we were robots!


So, perhaps Waiting is simply another opportunity to practise Rest. To learn the skill of Rest. To give ourselves to Rest.