This is Me

You may know I have just returned from almost two blissful weeks in France. I met up with a dear friend that lives in New York and we both attended a retreat in the cognac region.

    Travel is very important to me. It is indeed an enormous privilege and throughout the trip I caught myself feeling immense gratitude. Stepping outside of the bubble of your ‘normal’ affords perspectives and insights not easily gained while you are in it.


This morning I was thinking about how much clarity I have earned in the path I am walking. I was able to chat to my husband this weekend and tell him how clear I am that connecting with women will always be a part of my world. The ‘how’ of it may change and manifest itself in many different ways.

    This makes it easier for me to say Yes to opportunities and invitations that align with this objective.


But, this is me at forty-three. It has taken many years of curiosity, seeking and coming up with many different answers in order to arrive at this one. This is hard work. This is frustrating work. And, if you want to feel purpose and intentional about your time here on earth, it is necessary work.



The good news is we are living in an era where there is incredible help available. Professionals of every kind with a bevy of tools at their disposal can help you dig into some really tough questions and discover some beautiful answers.


The only thing standing in your way? Yourself.

Holding up that mirror in my face was so painful. Seeing, really seeing, all my excuses and self-imposed prison walls was not a whole lot of fun! But it meant that finally, I could do something about it all! And I began to learn just how powerful I am to affect change in my life.


It is not flipping  switch. It is not a day to night change. But, as I keep reminding myself, small steps still lead you forward.