Colour Your World

The media can really get me down sometimes. It’s lens focuses in on all the pain, devastation and heartache in the world and — while it may all be true — it is not all good.


And we need the good. We need to hear about the wild acts of fierce courage and love and kindness humanity is capable of too.


Often, my response can be to simply tune it all out and feel terribly powerless. And that is awful!


Taking back our power might sound like a grand gesture, but I have noticed how small the acts can be:

Smiling at strangers. Thinking kind thoughts toward my body when trying on swimsuits (hello summer!). Choosing rest when I need it.


The world can seem so much bigger than our power to act. It is why people don’t vote. Why voices remain silent that need to be heard. Why we paste a smile on and say ‘Yes’ when everything inside us is shouting ‘No’.


Your wild acts of fierce courage and love and kindness may not be terribly visible to the world. Whatever we use to try to measure our worth and efficacy won’t work. We may never see what that ‘small’ act meant to someone. We may never hear the stories other people tell about us.



Act anyway. Choose kindness anyway.


Because nobody lives inside your body but you. Nobody occupies your headspace like you. These are landscapes you get to paint. What are the colours you want to see there?