It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hello friends! So, this post may really hit home and make you hit click and share — OR it may be the final push off the cliff for you!! ;-) Let me apologise in advance if that is the case!

    I am one of those annoying people that tries to get Christmas gifts bought before December 1st. This is something I try — meaning I have not got this 100% right, yet! But every year I give it a good bash, and I learn something new each time. Which is kind of the point of trying, you know?!

My reasons are pretty simple: if I can avoid all the marketing 'screaming' at me to buy stuff all through December, I am a nicer person (this is purely my opinion!) and it helps me make the season less about 'stuff' and more about whatever else I want to cram into my time.


Tons of blogs will do gift guides and some of them are truly amazing! So, let me clarify a little of what I am hoping this one achieves:

  • I would love to introduce you to some local makers worth your attention and hard earned cash!
  • I would love to help you with a few of those hard-to-buy-for people on your list.
  • I would love to assist you in knocking a few gifts off your lists before Dec 1!


This is by no means exhaustive!! It is a little nerve-wrecking trying to put one of these lists out there as you know that it won’t be complete. So, this is no comprehensive directory! These are all companies/people I know or have personally bought from.



Wooden Spoon Kitchen

One of my favourite kind of gifts (for birthdays or Christmas) is an experience gift. As long as you choose age appropriately, these can be a real hit!


Hello It’s Matilda

If you have not yet heard of this fabulous lady, let me introduce you! incredibly talented with a gorgeous soul, this is art work you want to support! Delicate illustrations as wall art, pillows, phone covers, stationary …


Bumble Box

If you are a mum, or know a mum, or need a granny gift … look no further! All your child’s masterpieces collated into a beautiful book. 


Charlie Loves

I really dislike referring to these as ‘toys’. They are heirloom pieces. Gifts that will be treasured by young ones for years to come.


Table & Cloth

Just something about a beautifully inviting table, am I right?


Supernova Magazine

Subscribe for a year of learning delivered all through the year. My kids love finding theirs in the mailbox!



Took my kids here for a recycling workshop and was blown away by the creativity and ingenuity displayed here! Well worth supporting!


Dr Ela Manga

Ela was one of our storytellers and what a gift she is! If you know anyone battling anxiety or adrenal fatigue or simply needing to learn how to step off the fast track, sign up for one of her Breathwork sessions.


Kahuna Massage

Many of you know I have spoken of this as one of the therapies I practise. Meaning, this is a modality I have integrated into my life on a regular basis. It has been life to me! And building a relationship with the practitioner you see, going regularly, building trust with them, allows for a very healing experience.



The most beautfiful candles and now offering candle making workshops -- another experience gift!


Jane Sews

If you follow me on any of our social media accounts, you will know this beautiful brand is closing it’s doors. Their pieces are timeless classics and will serve you for years to come. Can’t think of a woman over 16 that would not benefit from something here.


TShirts for Change SA

Again, featured on my social media. Great messages and supporting a truly worthy cause!


Paulis Food

Another previous storyteller, Dianne is the lady behind this incredible brand. Stocking stuffers, delicious treats for your festive tables and all supporting local and uplifting underpriviledged communities. Di also uses local farmers for their produce -- inspirational!




Ugh, I am dreading ending this! I have no doubt there are so many more worth mentioning! 


I could follow this up with all kinds of wrapping ideas and food ideas and ... etc. But, as a mumma that has tried it all: gone all out and pared it back to less than bare bones, my advice is this:


Do what works for you. Figure that out. That alone is hard work! Shrug off all the should's, those things are soul and energy sapping. Your tree, table, gifts and Every. Single. Thing. is yours. It does not need to match anyone else's xx