Beautifully You

Beauty is such a nebulous term.


I am at that exciting age when a woman’s body changes. Well, when is it not changing?! There is so much talk about the hormonal changes that teens face, maybe it’s because there is a race to ‘grow up’, but I have noticed how new the conversation is about our later changes.


It seems no-one wants to deal with ‘aging’. In fact, we spend so much money trying to avoid it that entire industries have come about with such enticing promises. And so again, it seems to me, we have decided there are ages to desire and ages to resent, or simply ignore.



What would happen if we chose love, for ourselves, at every age? How would we look, I wonder? I would be so interested in a world without mirrors, what could it create? Imagine if you only ever saw yourself through my eyes?


I wonder if, instead of some person’s single idea of ‘beauty’, what we would find beautiful if we looked a little deeper?

      The more I learn about my body, the more I discover how interconnected my thoughts, my emotions, my health are, the more grace I offer myself. And the more empathy and compassion I offer myself.

      And so love finds ground to grow.