A few nights ago I was having another ‘last dinner for 2018’. It was with a wonderful group of women I have had the privilege of knowing and spending more than a year dining together. We were talking about the holidays that were approaching and what everyone had planned. Rest came up and one of my dear friends laughed as she knows many of my thoughts around this topic.


It’s true, I don’t think we spend enough time talking about it, or even thinking about it. Can you tell me what you find restful? Do you need time alone? Sleep? Do you need to do some exercise or read a particular sort of book? Do you need to be in water or do you need quiet?



This conversation was wonderful as I think many of us are unaware of sneaky little expectations that come in. We know we are going ‘on holiday’. But what does this mean to YOU? For many mums it is sometimes more work being away from all your routines and without the help you have at home. We have grand ideas about family togetherness and then when it happens are confused and irritated by how difficult it is to be together and actually enjoy it!


One of my big desires for a holiday, particularly a year end holiday, is time for deep thinking. I want to access another level of creativity and planning and idealising and visualising for 2019. This is not possible when your daily is simply a case of running from one task to another, only to wake up and do it all over again!

    So, in order to promote this, I unplug. Social media posting will pause. Newsletter will only resume in February. I have a pile of books on topics I want to grow in understanding and don’t have time for in the year, they are coming with. I desire all the stuff to be lighter, to make a little space for fresh new dreams and plans. Maybe even some dreams and plans long-held but not manifested.


Lighter means: fewer clothes (thank you summer in December Southern Hemisphere!), simple meals, scanty grocery trips, infrequent technology. Lighter also means a ready and constant “No” or “Not now” to things that really can wait. I don’t need to know what SG and I will be up to in 2019. We can begin with a few broad brush strokes, but many, if not all the details, can wait. Nitty gritty planning and preparing has its place, but that is not on my holiday.


I have discovered that when I give generous time and attention to being in my Now, when I do need to sit with the details to plan, they flow and emerge quickly and clearly.


2019 is coming :-) We cannot stop it, or make it wait. So best we embrace every day that draws us closer to a new year.




Friends, this is our final blog post for 2018.

We have so enjoyed meeting with you online in all our social feeds.

May your December and January be filled with every sort of deliciousness.

Until February 2019, we wish you deep rest, abiding peace and many moments of wild joy! xxx