Putting Yourself Out There


We have had a wonderful break!

Thank you for your gracious understanding as we find our feet in this new year.

Plans are afoot for gatherings, details are being finalised.

As soon as we know, we promise to pass the good news on to you!

Until then, some 'light' reading!




We all want heroes that are human. We want our social feeds to show #reallife. But it’s a hard ask to be the one to do it. It pulls up all our doubts, all the worries that still linger around the edges: am I enough?


Any occasion I am with a group of girlfriends and, without fail, one of them is talking about something she has wanted to do/is doing and is terrified because: what if ‘they’ don’t love it?



Well, what indeed?


I have written and spoken so many times about how those fears never go away. What does happen, hopefully, is we learn to manage them. We learn to recognise that fear voice and we firmly and gently tell that voice to sit down, he is not running this show!


Our Before and After’s are not linear, nor monochromatic. They are messy and slippery. We think we’ve nailed it and wake up to ourselves face down on the floor. We want, we desperately want, those gorgeous pictures we see online, you know the Before and After ones? This is what it was, but a magician stepped in with her wand and now look!


We know, cognitively, that we should embrace failure (its all learning, after all), that we should be gentle with ourselves, speak to ourselves the way we would a dear friend. But … it seems so hard, right?


The thing making it hard, is pattern. If our pattern has been tuning into the harsh, inner-critic, then that seems normal. It is what we have always done. And changing patterns takes time and commitment. Increasingly, I think it also means we need each other. We don’t always see ourselves slipping into old ways. We don’t always notice ourselves being hard and unyielding toward ourselves. We sometimes need a friend to show us the kindness we fail to offer ourselves.


Can you identify one or two people in your world that you know you can call for some of this perspective? Someone that will offer you a helping of truth covered over with a good dose of kindness?

We start with curiosity.

We start by noticing.