Irks and Delights

It sometimes feels so hard to me when people do not notice, when they live (I think) choosing to blind themselves to anything other than their own realities. I find it so challenging to respect their viewpoints, all the things they say, when it seems to come from such a very narrow space.

“Get curious!” I want to shout, “Take five minutes to look around you and notice!” But, what’s the point? They like their not-knowing, they like their tiny bubbles.

So, let’s not waste more time here than we need to. Because irks are just that. Tiny irritations, enough to ignore, if you let yourself.


But delight! What a fabulous word! Delight. Mmmm … it’s like you just want to roll your whole body around in that word and feel it, down to your bones.

And it is my delight, my great and endless delight, to nourish people. I think parenting is nourishing your children: here, have a bite of this tasty morsel. Well? What did you think?

I love having conversations that flow like that, especially with strangers. If I mention this, or if I say that, well? What did you think?

And perhaps it sounds like it is averse or antagonistic. But, I have no desire to incite. No, I desire to learn. Show me how you see. Could you offer me your world lens for a moment or two, your view is so interesting to me. I don’t want to fight with you, or alter your perceptions.

    Really, I think, I want to alter mine.

So, I wonder, how safe do I need to make you feel before you share your world with me? What can I do that would encourage you to welcome me in, invite me to sit a while, take tea and learn to see the things you see?