Find Your Circle

Hi friends

This May, we are launching circles! I'm really excited about what it will open up for women in Jozi. One month of regular gatherings, with the same group of ladies, ultra-small so we can really get to know each other ... and ourselves, just a little better.

Maybe a good description is group coaching, and if you have never had one-on-one coaching, this could be a really great way to dip your toe in. It's going to be a really safe environment, a circle of trust. And, as tempting as it is to cram our time together with stuff to do, I am trying to relax into the space of being. 

You see, during the holidays while I took a great big step away from all things social media, I was brought back to the three things SG stands for: belonging, connection, vulnerability. And, as great as the She Speaks events have been, I often felt we were needing just a little more time.

Time. Wow, there has been much said about this valuable resource. We all feel in short supply. But, we all have exactly the same amount. It's what we choose to do with it that changes things.

So, come May, I am choosing to set aside Saturday afternoons for you, for the women needing to see and be seen. I am particularly excited to see what meeting with the same group of women for four weeks will birth.  

Initially, I planned this out for the woman whose world had just been snow-globed. You were travelling along, everything same-old, same-old, and the next thing up became down and down became up. You are reeling, particularly as you look around and everyone else seems to be business-as-usual. 

But, as subscribers respond to the newsletter I sent out on this new plan, as I chat to girlfriends, as I move forward in preparation, I think there are ladies needing this tiny island retreat. Ladies needing to look at other ladies and be found.

And I cannot wait to meet you.

The Details:

  • Your ticket buys you one session per week for four weeks. Relationships need time, so we are creating space just for this.
  •  We meet on Saturday afternoons 2 - 5pm in Craighall Park, Johannesburg.
  • Ticket is R1000 (R250 per session)
  • Purchasing a ticket commits you to the four sessions, missing a session affects the group as a whole, so please double-check dates before signing up.
  • Maximum group size is nine women (including Mlisska)
  • First group goes live May 4 (11, 18 and 25th)