It doesn’t always wait for a sweet spot. When life is calm and you are rested and ready. Nope, no telling when your life will be snowglobed.


We chose to homeschool our kids. We chose to have four kids. We chose to renovate, then build from scratch and then (!!!) to do a major renovation. All with four kids, while homeschooling.


So, I know a little about navigating change. I know a little about paddling like mad and feeling like the water level is not always below nostril level.

    It’s messy. It does not obey compartments. It refuses to stay where you put it. The second you feel you have a handle on it, it morphs into something entirely different. It asks more of you than you feel you have to offer. And does not stop demanding.



This is what I know:


Doing it solo is So. Much. Harder. Trying to look like you have it handled is twice the amount of work. And having just one place where you can drop every plate you are juggling is relief. Deep, profound relief.


Some of the scariest conversations I have had in my life are not the ones that involve choices. “Do I do this or should I choose that?”

    No. The scariest, bone-deep trembling words have been: I don’t know.


Because we should know, right? We are the adults, the mom-in-charge, the person everyone is looking at for the Next Right Step. And we don’t know?! There is no step for ‘Don’t Know’.

Don’t Know feels like circling, like eddying, like going nowhere.


As many of us have discovered, change is constant. If we aren't dealing with it in our relationships, it is in our bodies, or kids, or work ... it seems to be rather ongoing. 

     So, how are you handling Change? Knowing it is always here, knowing it will forever stay, how are you making peace with it's presence? 



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