I had a bit of a moment this week. Too much kids/cooking/housework and not enough of the stuff that fuels and energises me. I was thinking about what I could do when I snatch a few hours for myself. What would feel like it was filling my tank, instead of draining it?


While I was walking these few days of battling with these feelings, I was noticing my thoughts. How much harder everything seemed. How quickly I was ready to let go of all the tiny things that are designed to help.

    Supplements? Eh, why bother?

    Eat healthily? Too much effort. Look how yummy that Nosh bar looks right now!

    Exercise. Oh please.

And so it continues.


One tiny thought can lead you a long way down a road you don’t really want to travel. And you can be quite far down that road before you realise that this is not where you want to be living.


How do you stop? Can you catch yourself earlier and earlier? Can you notice where you are stepping, before the scenery is completely different?


This is why ‘awareness’ has become so big time. And it can feel like this huge lead up, and then a bit of a let down to hear you just need to be aware. But this tuning in? this really listening to the hundreds and hundreds of little thoughts that run across your mind? Yeah, it is pretty huge. And this, my friends, is truly the key to change.


I would love to say there is a pill to swallow. A diet to follow. A plan.

    So much easier, amiright?

If someone could just do the damn hard work and figure this out already, then I could add it to my (overflowing) To Do list and get on it.


Change is hard. It requires solid commitment. And it is showing up for all the tiny things.

But, change is possible. And that right there, is good news.