Now It Is Time

It is time to simply go ahead and follow that line of authenticity. It has beckoned you for so long, called you out of hiding, welcomed you into spacious places.


Don’t worry about who is following, or who is not. Just go, and keep going. Because every step you take makes you feel like you are shedding skins that have been placed upon you, and every layer you lose, you reveal more of your self, your true self.


Quit waiting for answers, for game-plans, for strategies, just quit waiting. You have waited enough. Now it is time to go, to step in to everything you tried to imagine and everything you never dared to dream. Yes, it is that big, it is that grandiose. But it has been built and shaped just exactly for you.



Now it is time for trusting, for believing that Life really does have a plan that comes with it’s own perfect timing. Now it is time for releasing yourself into that. Could you let yourself be the child with arms flung wide falling, falling, completely sure she will be caught? Could you let yourself be the wonderfully complex, interesting, dynamic woman you are? Could you let yourself be?


Its less about having the goods, more like letting that river flow through you, be it a trickle or a gushing waterfall.


You, in your hiding place, believe yourself alone. The moment you venture out, you understand you are not anywhere close to alone. No, here you are linking hands with multitudes. Crossing every sort of boundary imagined by man. You are link in an endless chain. No beginning and no end.


*** If you need a seat in our Circle, please get in touch! First Circle May 4th ***