Often, I will tell people: "I do this work because I need it." I think that is true of so many people walking this road, trying to find the steps that aren't always clearly marked. We offer what we have found and we learn alongside because we have chosen to keep learning. 

Much of Western medicine tells. It assumes so much, without asking many questions. Questions, for many people, are themselves frightening things. They open us, and we don't always know what we are being opened to. 

A few years ago (perhaps even further back) I became conscious of needing something else, something more. I did not have much language for this new path, or even where I wanted to go. I continue to have more questions than answers.

As I have travelled along this road, I have met fascinating people. I have learned so much, about myself and other things. And I have fallen even more in love with the beautiful Question.

As scary as questions are, they also keep us soft, keep us open, keep us learning. And the incredible thing I have found, in being soft and open and learning, is that we grow. We get to choose what is for us, and what we would like to discard. We discover places inside ourselves we never imagined existed. 

Fear, by its very nature, is limiting. Are there some small areas in your life, where you feel safe, that you could choose openness today? One or two places you could take tiny bold steps into new territories?