What does it take to get better?

Maybe if we had a different picture of time. Or understood the blink our lives really are, we would feel less urgent about getting fixed Now. But pain is a powerful motivator. It is why many of us do not change until we are in pain. And then we want to hurry it along.


But healing is a forever journey. Have you found this?


We do not get to undo the work of loss, of death, of a life that has had to re-set it’s course. And, something in me thinks that it is better this way. Of course no one wants to live with pain! But the work pain achieves, if we let it, can be powerful. And often, our yielding to it is all it is asking. Can you bend? Can you allow yourself to be changed, affected?


Our resistance — to pain, to life, to each other — we like to believe that is what makes us strong, but I have found the opposite.


In our resistance, we want a pill, a formula, a fix. If we could just find the doctor with the answer, then we could go back to ok. But, there is no going ‘back’ friends.


So much of pain is an invitation. Could you let yourself bend toward the mysterious future that beckons?