Let Yes Be The Seed

Back when I decided to do my coaching course, initially more for my own gain than ever actually offering coaching, I knew I was saying Yes to a journey. But then, in my naivety, I assumed that there was a clear Beginning (I said Yes), there would be a Middle (most probably not fun and quite messy) and then, finally, an End. And I think that the Yes is first uttered because there seems to be an End. “I can get through this, I only have to get to there”


Well …


I am grateful for my naivety. I don’t think I would have had the courage to begin, if I had a glimpse of what lay ahead.

    The people I have met, the modalities I have tried, the things I have read, the places I have been! All because of my Yes.


To be clear, the Yes has needed to be repeated. I have often, very often, responded with NO! And then, albeit at times reluctantly, come back again to Yes. This Yes is in answer to your highest self, your best self. And sometimes that lady goes into hiding!


As they say: once you have seen, you can never unsee.


So, wherever you find yourself on your journey, may you know courage. May you have people in your world that keep speaking to and seeking out your highest, best self. And may you hold yourself gently on this path. Small steps still lead us forward.