All The Feels

We are masters at not feeling our feelings. So good, in fact, that we don’t even realize when we are numbing or suppressing or avoiding.


Last week, I was sharing a bit of my story with a client. I have always fought against regret. Life’s too short, you know?!

But, sharing some of the struggles I had reminded me of moments in my history that I wish I could have offered myself the gift of feeling. I wish I had offered myself softness, kindness for some of those hard times.


It never feels comfortable. 'Feeling' does not come promising a smooth ride, or that this will make it all go away.



Here is what I am noticing: it is one of the most profound ways to grow in trust, empathy, understanding and support of yourself. I spent years, literally years, hoping that someone would be able to really see me. And that the vision would compel them to love and understanding.


Now, I know:

Until I learn to receive this gift from myself, no one’s offering will ever feel like enough.

It’s only #mefirst in order to open up big space for all the other lovers Life has for you.