Savour the Offering

Reflection can be so beautiful, particularly when you can offer it to yourself without chastisement. You know those thoughts about how you ‘should’ be further/better/faster/more than where you currently find yourself?


I speak into this often as this is a practise I find myself having to move into again and again.

“I wish I had known”

“If only”

“I should have”

Those are easy to say, they offer you no grace for the journey you have walked and they mitigate the steps you have taken.


When you are IN it (whatever ‘it’ might be) usually you are simply trying to get through. It is hard. It is often lonely. Painful. And then we go ahead and put even more condemnation on our shoulders for not doing it perfectly.


The news lately has made me even more keenly aware of the unrelenting message we women carry: not enough.


Whatever we have done, however much we have laboured, prepared, planned, organised, shown up, tried, produced … it never, never feels like enough.


I am not sure that narrative will ever change, unless we begin changing it in ourselves.


It is a radical thought, this wild idea that everything you are right now is whole. Not one part missing.