How To Choose

Tomorrow evening is our last Circle for 2019. You may be sad for a moment! But Life right now is a calendar bursting at the seams and another event may just be our tipping point!


But, to be real, here at She Gathers, we are about intentionality. Which includes things like rest and a clear Yes and having eyes wide open to what you are giving yourself to. This means, for us, that we are not going to add to the noise of year-end. All these commitments and demands are real and are a big part of closing the year out. But I have learnt — the hard way! — that doing it all strips the joy of all the doing.


We know how important is is to add Rest into your day: Meditate, breathe, journal, get in some exercise, feel the grass beneath your bare feet. All of these things are wonderful and hold so much goodness. However, when you are balancing an already-full plate, trying to scoop up a helping of any of the above mentioned tasks just seems intolerable.


Ladies, we have to learn to say No. We have to give ourselves this very precious gift. But you know what is funny? It does not feel like a gift because it feels like we are missing out! The No often makes us feel short-changed, incapable. So in the moment we are required to respond ‘Yes‘ flies from our lips.

Yes seems generous. Open. Giving. An offering. More. Unselfish. Noble.

All wonderful things.


But what is the true cost? When it comes down to it and you are at another event, another gathering that requires your presence now you have replied Yes, how are you showing up?


Generous. Open. Giving. And offering. More. Unselfish. Noble.


Perhaps, and this is simply something I am wondering for myself, perhaps I can be all those things if I start with ‘No‘.