This and Not That

Humans are sorters. Everything has a place, we simply need to find it. So we spend much of our time assigning people and things into the little boxes we see fit.

Our brains work best when we don’t consciously think about this sorting, when we do it without ‘thinking’ about it.
And we don’t ever pause to see if we maybe were too quick in our assessment, too hasty in deciding.
Because often, perhaps more often than we’d like, we could do away with some of our boxes, labels and containers.

This January, as you are surely reading everywhere right now, we are at the start of a fresh year, indeed a fresh decade! Are there some boxes, some containers, you would like to leave behind? Perhaps a few file folders you would prefer to lay aside, archive, even? Friends, many of these old ways of thinking no longer serve us, but we have become devoted followers.

So, while many are thinking about what they want to add to 2020, all the things they would like this year to hold, maybe it is time to give thought to that which you would like to leave in 2019. Things you no longer wish to carry. Heavy things you would like to lay down.

In order that all your days hold only the things you love, the things you hold dear.