Flying Free

So much of letting myself be seen only began when I finally learned to look at myself first.
The mirror can be brutal. And yet, hold oceans of grace.

We are all becomING. It is an ongoing revealing, a forever learning. And only really possible when we lay down judgment, particularly of ourselves. The moment we judge, we move into a tiny, constrictive place. And the best learning does not happen here. It happens when we can dream, when we can create, when we can breathe.

What do you notice about some of the places in your world you desire to be creative? Do you feel free? Or is it narrow, a space you feel like you could fall a long way down? Could you dare change the repetitive narrative that has played in the background here? What is truly the very worst thing that could happen?

If we desire to unfurl wings in new places, we need kindness in our every attempt at flying, toward ourselves and each other.