Please Come In

Come sit with me. Let’s pour a glass of wine and take. A. Deep. Breath. Out.

Mmmm ... let’s snatch a tiny moment for us to look into each other’s eyes. We can talk about our day, our week. How we messed up, lost it, how crap we feel because of it.

We will circle round to moments that made us laugh. Moments where we were complimented and we still kind of can’t believe those kind words.

And once our plates and glasses are empty, we will feel so full.
This is why we gather. This is why we put the kettle on, open the wine, trudge through yet another grocery aisle. These are the reasons we say 'Yes!' when often our bodies would rather say 'Not now'. 

Because, when we do, when we open not only our front door, but the doors inside us too ...  we find an oasis. We find each other.