I Get To Say

I hesitate to bring my voice here. There is a lot of noise in the world right now. Lockdown -- what a concept! Everyone is dealing with the end of the world we knew, and struggling to imagine where and how we go from here. 


This is a hard place, requiring hard decisions. It’s ok to feel not up to it. It’s ok to feel daunted by the mountain standing before us.


Part of the joy of our modern day connectedness is also part of our despair. Who do we trust? Who do we believe? There is a whole lot of things being said and done, but what is true? This place of not-knowing is itself very scary. And we humans, when we are scared and untrusting, usually do not bring our best selves to the fore.


Right now, we are home — wherever and however that might look for you right now. You might have small kids (or big kids) climbing all over you looking for distraction from this. You might be amongst plenty, you might find yourself despairing the empty.


You see, we are in the birth room right now friends. And many of our talented photographers will let us believe (if you have not witnessed real live birth) that it is romantic and awe-inspiring and breathtaking. And it is! But it is also gritty, and beyond-belief painful and isolating. You get taken places within yourself you never knew existed, places you never really wanted to go.

Right now a new world is being born.


So, while we are home, once you have exhausted your scroll for the day (or hour!) and have not managed to come up with anything new to distract you, perhaps you can try this?


What do you want? In the new world, in your brand new, never-seen-before, what do you want your days to hold? How would you like your mornings to begin? Your evenings to close? Who are the voices you really want walking with you? The products you want cluttering your bathroom and kitchen counters? The headlines you want to click on, the articles to read that will occupy precious space in your very precious headspace?


Marketers have become incredibly smart. They have been taught to discover people’s needs and then meet them — ideally before people even are aware they have a need.


Imagine a world, where instead of being told … you get to choose. Instead of having a feed full of the things some corporate decided you need to have or know, you design what you consume — on every level.