Breath Like Air

How does your breath feel?


Can you notice it, just for a moment?


Where is it sitting? high up in your chest, fluttering in your throat?

Can you see where you have tightened, constricted yourself? What parts of your body are you holding, clenching?


If you let yourself — just for a moment — could you let that breath whoosh out of you? Could you allow different parts of your body to sink deeper into your bed, into your chair? Now, inhale … slow … steady. Long, deep breaths, let them reach all the way to your toes. Imagine all that life-giving oxygen coursing along your veins, into every crevice in your body.


Is this what generosity feels like? Is this how space feels? All roomy, expansive.

Is this how my brain says Thank you? With fresh thoughts, new perspectives.