Starting Over

I think, maybe, if I could begin from a place not believing there is a lack in me, we could explore beautiful spaces. If I could start ... all manner of things ... relationships, partnerships, new enterprises, fresh introductions, adventures ... if I could begin believing I am whole, I might build some rather powerful things.

Instead of clutching a fig leaf, ashamed at my lack, at my nudity, at my frailty, could I notice any ideas I have of not being whole. Complete. Beautiful. Powerful. Wonderful.


In fact, let’s make like small children: Begin Again.

You know how kids just pop a new rule in anytime the game is no longer working for them? Or the meme we’ve seen on social media when someone yells: ‘Plot twist!’

Let’s do that every time we remember that we have forgotten our start point.


And now, let me tell you something truly astonishing:

    We can start over any time we like.

Any. Time. We. Like.


Can you believe it? Even when we are forty, or sixty. Even when we have been in this job for years, or this career.

Even when we …. you get it?