Rest 2.0

We are good at so many things, great even, at a few. But rest? I think, not so much.


I like to try to unpack some of this concept of Rest here on this little corner of the internet. It is a hope and a wish you will stretch these particular muscles, and grant yourself a reprieve. It is a longing for the gifts Rest brings, because I feel we need them, more than ever.


I know, everything in the world seems more shouty and demand-ish than ever. And we have never felt the cost of our online connectivity more dearly. There is a low-grade level of ‘alert’ ready to be dialled up at any moment.


But how do we flick the switch to ‘Off’? And can we? What does that even mean? How does it look to be relaxed? To physically experience peace? To be 'all there' in the moment you are in?


Here is what I know:

If the thought of making any changes in your life toward Rest seems like an impossible choice and you, therefore, do not make it, often this choice is made for you.


We believe that we are invincible. That our bodies can go, and keep on going. That surviving on poor or little sleep, poor or little nutrition and poor or little thoughts will translate into and create an abundant life. And, I wonder, do you have any examples of this? Do you know any people that have lived this way, and when you are with them, you experience their attention? You notice their full, embodied presence? You feel their being like a tonic?


Or are you simply another box ticked on their checklist?