Caring For Ourselves

Self-care is a real buzz word. Scroll any social media feed and you should be able to find that word or a synonym fairly soon.

    I’m a believer.


Self-care has never been so necessary.


But, as fun and cute as matching nails can be, it needs to go so much deeper for us. We need to reach in, to those hard, dry, cracked places in our hearts. Yes, our heels could do with some nourishing lotion. But, our hearts and minds need some serious attention.


I happened upon an ad campaign run by a big brand here in SA. They featured a man but sadly he received negative comments. Instead of standing up to the negativity and derogatory comments, the company merely deleted the picture (at the time, they may have since responded).


Now, of course, the company needs to take a far stronger stance. But so do we all! We all need to get better and faster at calling out bullies and meanies. We all need to be stronger about kindness and inclusion. We all need to extend grace upon grace, because as much as we see others failings, we fail too.


So, when I talk about self-care, this is what I am talking about. Care about your self. Care so deeply, so passionately about your internal world, that what leaks out of you is coated in layers of care.

Care-full thoughts, care-full ideas, care-full images.