Hello! And welcome to gatherings where women get real.

She Gathers is building a suspension bridge between women. We host gathering points to hold communion about what it means to be a woman Today. Most events aimed at women are with one purpose in mind: Be ......!

We got tired of hearing about all the work we were doing not being enough. We needed to ‘thin instantly, mom perfectly, career aggressively, wife sexily’, and so forth.

Really, we became very interested in the women next to us, the one in front of us in the checkout line, the one in the car behind us in traffic: What did she think? How is she coping? What is her story? We are big believers in truth-telling bringing wild freedom -- and boy! Do we love freedom! We believe story gives permission. Great big swarths of permission — to go ahead and live your very own story. No comparing, no grading, no measuring. Just you do you, and I’ll do me.

So, we do a few things to help facilitate truth-telling: we host events, we hold Circles and we coach one-on-one. We trust that whatever your needs are, something will resonate with you. The best way to stay in the know on what is happening is to sign up to our newsletter.

Women today are living with a hard-won freedom that is more far-reaching and more demanding than ever before, we have responsibilities and pressures that our grandmothers could not fathom.

Here at She Gathers we are giving ourselves permission to celebrate who we are and do what we do, while letting go of perfection. #gatherthegirls