Coaching is hard to measure, and yet, so many of the skills and tools we learn about in coaching seem like something we should inherently know. It is not usually a very comfortable conversation, diving into your challenges, your frustrations, where you can improve, where you can step into your own responsibility. So why say yes to that?!

Truth serum comes from you. I am convinced that gazing into that mirror is one of the best things you can do. When you see yourself like never before, nobody needs to ask or demand anything. Suddenly, your desires shift. And who you want to be becomes something you choose — daily.  And that is empowering.

This process is not designed to be a long, drawn out affair. Rather, we agree up front to a number of sessions and meet weekly until our cycle is complete. It is meant to be succinct. We both want to be clear about why we are meeting and our conversations always spin around our objective.

My clients tell me they feel stuck. They need a new perspective. They don’t know how to change their reality. They want ‘more’. The coaching process can be an arduous one, and it takes commitment to change. But it helps so much when you have someone on your side.

Yes, courses, books and podcasts are great tools for personal growth, but out in the real world — face to face with people, that is where all our values and beliefs play themselves out. We are creatures of habit, so we repeat what we know until we decide: No more!

Coaching changes everything.

Contact me for more information on pricing and any questions you may have. Our first call is always free, an opportunity to ‘meet’ and ensure we are both ready to jump!