Our gatherings always orbit around a topic. You can know in advance if it resonates, and you are able to determine if this is one you want to attend. You will always walk away with some learnings, some wonderful connections with women and having had a really fun time. However, Coaching separates itself because it is one-on-one.

It is when you need someone to hold up a mirror, to get personal, to make it all about you. This kind of time is a rare gift for women today. It is you and me in a room together, phones off, undisturbed. Space to talk. And space to listen — to yourself. To hear your thoughts echoed back to you. Attention, the rare gift of having someone turn their whole selves toward you. Support, the courage to step onto new paths.

Roadblocks happen. Our thoughts can leave us spinning, rather than moving forward purposefully.

Coaching changes everything. Contact us for more information on pricing and any questions you may have.